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Statement from Susan Parish on Fine Art America
"After 35 years creating photographs in my darkroom and framed art in-house at Shadow Catchers Gallery, I now over see and out-source THE physical production - opting to spend time locating, organizing, researching, archiving and digitizing negatives in my photograph collection to offer more photographs and reintroducing photographers to the public.
I discovered 'Fine Art America' years ago and it is my choice for both Quality and Affordability - when you want custom framed art that i can't produce myself anymore.  They are a very reputable company and my clients have given me positive feedback on both quality of products and secure ordering.
Your purchases are guaranteed and your payments are secure.  An added bonus iS their WEBsite's TECHNICAL ability to visually show you how your custom created art will look finished and offer with a large variety of matting & framing.  The drawback for me is that i don't know who my customers are so i am looking to you to get in touch with me directly.
As always, feel free to contact me with any questions  - especially if you're looking for something not on website (there are thousands more). 
Thank you for your interest in my small business of photography - your purchases support preserving our visual pacific northwest history and photographic heritage.
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