Shadow Catchers is the home and sole distributor of photographs from The Susan Parish Collection of Photography established in 1982. She is a professional photographer and generational native of the Salish Sea region and established and is the owner of both companies.
Photography is visual communication.  A non-verbal language conveying information on more levels than we fully recognize and do not yet fully understand.  Less than telepathy and more than is verbally possible...   "A picture is worth a thousand words".   And, even more than that doesn’t a photograph of a person, place, or thing when viewed ~ have the power to communicate long past the existence of what is photographed?  As I age, I am thankful for all the photos of family and friends to help me remember.  Because isn’t the object of the photo caught in time and sustained?  Haven’t we all experienced viewing a photograph and experiencing its power to trigger instant recall within our memory?  And, even if no memory is there in the viewer ~ a photograph still communicates, arouses feelings, broadens awareness, our understanding, and imparts knowledge.  ~ S. Parish
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