Shadow Catchers

Historic, Modern, Contemporary Photographs since 1992

When you purchase a photograph from us or anyone else, you should assume that photographic image is under protection by the United States Copyright laws.  By purchasing product from us ~ you do not purchase the right to do anything other than own the product for display, give it as a gift or sell the object to someone else.   You are not allowed to copy or reproduce the photographic image itself.  ​​​​​​​In order to 'Use' the photographic image in a newspaper, magazine, book, pamphlet, website on a wine bottle, t-shirt, card or for any other purpose  - you must get permission from the manager and owner of that photographic image, enter into a Licensing Contract and often pay a Fee.
Our Fees, Agreements and Contracts are similar to publicly funded Universities and Museum collections and private stock photo agencies.  However, we provide a higher quality image file that is ready for printing, publishing or online use.  Our files begin from the highest quality digital scan from (primarily) original negatives and then the digital image file undergoes restoration before the photographic image is used for our products and for stock licensing.  In some cases many hours are needed and quite extensive restoration as to be done especially on images taken from broken glass plates or deteriorating original photographs.   We only provide clients with a high quality digital file for Use.
 Tell us how you want to Use our photographs and we will set Pricing, Terms and Conditions.  Upon an Agreement to License and Payment  is received  - you will be sent a link download the file via DROPBOX.   Usually an Agreement is for a One-Time Use or Extended Time for uses such as Websites, or reprinting, etc.   Connect for more information. 
If you have all your information ~ follow the Link below to fill out our online form for quicker response.
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