Shadow Catchers

Historical, Modern & Contemporary Photographs

Born in the Southernmost Inlet in the Great Salish Sea I have spent my life and times in between the Mountains and the Salt Water never straying far from the thousands of miles rimming our fabled and mysterious Inland Sea. The largest inland sea in America lies in the Northernmost Region of America within the Pacific Ring of Fire and the source of tremendous Natural Resources  and Beauty.  Photography for me is Visual Communication and I simply am seeing something that speaks to me and I'm moved to I capture it and put my own spin what I think I understood ~ and put it out their for a Viewer to experience. And hopefully the viewer not only intuites what I'm trying to communicate.  This comes from years as a photo-journalist and my studies in the humanities. My greatest teachers are the photographers whose negatives I own.  But my story isn't preented here ~ my art is. And, I hope you like it as I do.
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